Kingly Business


"Kingly Business..!"

As usual, I had just been thrown out of Samael’s Mansion, so I decided to head back to Narrowhaven’s. Once in town, I had trouble making my way towards the "sacred room of peace". Without paying much attention to the guards and all the people walking in and out of that building, I slowly climbed up the stairs. As I closed the doors, a sigh of relief escape my lips. Finally, a place where there would be silence and more silence! At least, for a little while since I had the bad habit of not sleeping very much, compared to humans.

Making less noise than a subtle fly, I walked around the rooms in complete silence, looking over the ones sleeping. Ahhh young Delia… perhaps those would be some creepy manners of mine but I have a fetish about braiding her raven black hair while she slept. I’ve always wondered if she would wake up while I would slide my fingertips between her locks of hair… Waving away my psycho thoughts, I returned to the hall, leaving the young Baroness still untouched. There are times where my self control truly is admirable. Some would call what I do stalking, perhaps, but I see nothing wrong into contemplating the wonders of this world. There is something attractive about those innocent faces unaware of their surroundings but still looking to be completely trusting…

Then, I heard some footsteps, coming from the King’s room. Curious as none other, I hid myself behind the crimson screens, keeping an attentive eye upon Adair. He didn’t notice me around, as he seemed to be busy doing his morning cleaning. Those precious minutes where someone is truly defenceless… Oh no Scarlet, don’t tell me temptation is calling again? Indeed, I was tempted. There was the shine of what could be a potential weapon, held by His Majesty’s hand, and even more, he was pressing it against his throat constantly. Deep down inside, I knew it was part of his daily routine, but still, the worst images were sticking to my thoughts; Blood. Rivers of blood flowing even down the stairs, dripping away from the dead body of a man. No. I didn’t wanted him dead, yet, my feet were leading me towards him.

He lifted up his robe. (Yes, it seemed he wanted to get rid of some other hairs)

Congratulations Scarlet. From behind, I had quite a view, that’s the less I can say. I could have walked away, unnoticed, but a squeaky noise decided to leave my throat, finishing off my subtle cover. Of course, then, just then, he realised he wasn’t alone. He turned in my direction, almost not believing it, dropping quickly his robe to have himself covered. Pale, with a sweaty forehead, he said to me some words that I am unsure of having understood at all. Probably some Noble Bla-bla of some sort… I replied absently because my mind was busy being focused on a… tent. Quite the one, at that. Was I feeling that lonely to stare as much as I did? What a shame…

Then, I’m not sure what got into him, but he asked me to leave. He had some – Kingly Business – to attend to. I left, at least for two seconds, and deceptively opened and closed a door, so he would believe me gone. (Sneaky stalker would be better to describe me now.) I heard some strange noises while I was crawling towards his bed, planing into hiding under it to have a subtle peek on the King’s activities. I would describe His Majesty’s symphony going on like "fap, fap, fap." The following notes made me think he was now filled with happiness and rainbows while tossing away a stained cloth.

Now that my stalker levels had gone up, the King came down and noticed me, innocently sitting on his bed, watching. Perhaps it was a result of the succubus effect but, still, I did not felt responsible for that Kingly Business.

– You shouldn’t feel so lonely my King… I know many ladies that would gladly share some affection with you.

I know, I lied. I was meaning Delia, but not daring say her name. I wonder what she would think of this?

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