((June rp contest)) “The Seeds of Friendship”

Looking over her small garden in Narrowhaven, not much room..Weeds taking over she decided it was time for a change. It was then and there Meronym knew she must find more room for her seeds and crops to grow or they would never flourish. Setting out on an adventure she found the island known as Moonglow…

*Looking over the farmhouse and land knowing it was just perfect* I just have to have this, It will suit all of my needs and then some. *Wanders over to the sign and sees the amount of rent and nods* Hmm I should be able to cover this and besides like father used to say there has to be a risk if its worth to be having.

*Talks to the realtors about renting the farmhouse and land, placing her name on the line with a bright and hopeful smile*.. A few weeks pass and everything is moved in but still quite empty since almost everything she owned was left at her old home where she lived with her father until he passed away.

*Planting and sewing seeds into the ground and pots to be sold later, mind starts to get all sorts of ideas* Hmm Perhaps I should open a shop here for my plants as well as keep the little stall I have over in Narrowhaven. *Moving and arranging the plants to sort them out to tend to easier she stops, steps back and looks at the mostly open crop area and ponders* Now what in the world am I going to do with all this space?

*Places her hands on her hips, and continues to mutter to herself* I simply do not have the time to harvest herbs and crops since my flowers are taking up most of my time. *Snaps her fingers and nods* That’s it! I’ll send a Raven to Issy and see if she would want to help me gather what I have when needed and she could use the space for whatever crops she needs for her wonderful cooking *Pats her belly and smiles just at the thought of Izzy’s wonderful meals* Oh I hope she says yes, It would be nice to have someone else around.

*Takes out her quil and parchment writes down a message and sends the Raven to find Izzy, goes back out to her garden and awaits her reply*

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