The ship pulled into the docks and the young girl looked out across the eaves of the ship as the anchor was dropped. Dockworkers begin to run back and forth and yelled to the captain and each other as everything was settled down. The luggage was carted off the ship and soon after the people begin to walk down the plank, setting their feet on their new home, Narrowhaven.

Jade followed suit and grabbed her belongings on the way down. She made her way to the inn and rented a room and stowed her things away there. A few sleepless nights went by as she tried to settle in but this did not feel like home to her. She had a few chats with people who passed by in the tavern, the most interesting with a fella named Mauzen Zha’vil and another fella named Engale Strace. She had come to learn magic, and Engale was a ex arch magus. The current archmagus was supposedly a Phaere de Ordas, and when Jade first met her she didn’t care for her one bit. The women was quite pompous, and was obviously a necromancer- and was quite loud about it.

Apparently the art of secrets of magery here were not so strong. Jade opted to study on her own with the aid of Mauzen and Engale, and her research of the virtues begin. The road would be long and hard, and much would be learned about folks that she would not care to know. People were always good in her eyes until they proved otherwise, but unfortunately that had been happening a lot lately. And then there was Quinn… when he tried to make love to her in that room in the inn and he pushed her up against the wall in his demon form.. and she had to threaten him with her knife to get him to leave her be. She hadn’t been able to trust easily since then. And soon after she made her staff, Truthseeker, and flew solo for a while.

Now there was Marius- her bodyguard and love- and she was excited to see where she would go in the future with him. She had a doted past for sure, but she had a feeling he did too and they would get through it together. But for now- she would rest and let her mind absorb the conversations of the day. There was apparently a lot of knowledge to be had around these parts.

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