It Was All Just a Dream – Fafnir’s Story

Once upon a time, there was a place of wonder where fairy tales were a reality. In this world, many extravagant stories took place. Monsters were battled, true love ruled over all else, and distressed damsels were rescued by knights. Among these knights that rescued damsels and fought monsters was Fafnir Gale. Here, in this fairy tale world, he started out as nothing, grew into a knight, and even sprouted wings and learned to fly. After several years, he became a legend among this world of legends.

As all things do, however, Fafnir’s days eventually came to an end. In one final battle to stop a great evil that has swept over the lands time and time again, this legendary knight gave his life to protect those he most cared about. Even so, the old knight died a legend and lived on in the memories of those he protected that day.

The monstrous being that had killed this beloved warrior was not done with him, however. This king of nightmares sent Fafnir into the darkest pits of his own horrors, and there he stayed, trapped for who knows how long. Eventually, he broke free after the creature’s power had faded away and Fafnir awoke in a new place. He soon found that this town was called Narrowhaven. Nowhere in the kingdom he was from was there such a place, so the old, now fractured, knight was lost, far away from his home and his family.

Broken as he was, he discovered that this place needed a warrior, a protector from monsters and likely damsels to be rescued. While he was now changed and weakened after so many years in torment, he would make himself strong again to continue doing what he knew was just. Still, something clawed at the back of his mind. All was not well with the old warrior. Something had changed. Just what that was, however, would remain to be seen.

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