The Picnic

It was a lovely afternoon for a picnic by the water. Delia thought that perhaps Adair needed some peace to sort through everything that he was experiencing. A new world, filled with things such as magic, had to be overwhelming to him, and she was often very busy in the Academy with students and staff, so she couldn’t always be there to explain things to him. She was tickled the way he took to the moongates, and suspected, from the writings she had read, that he (along with many clerists) was a latent mage who had turned from his abilities towards this religious calling. Well, really, magic and religion were closely connected – one came from oneself, the other came from gods, but all came from nature and the ether.

At any rate, she set to the kitchen and ordered a large basket filled with various foods, having no idea what he liked to eat (after all, he wasn’t her Adair) and added a some ale and wine, just in case. After folding up a large blanket, and tucking it under the handle of the basket to cover the food, she left a note for the Clerist to find her on the beach by the Academy. Then she lithely set off across the bridge to find a comfortable spot under the trees, above the tide line, near the water. There she began setting out the meal, and waited for him.

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