Instructions for the guards of Narrowhaven

To all those that read or hear these instructions, salutations.

Since incidents keep amassing in regards to deliberate insults and threats towards the Good people of Narrowhaven by hostile and offensive demonic entities of explicit nature, and others whose intent is to wreak havoc in our beloved Kingdom. By act of the Lord Fenrir, Duke of Narrowhaven said creatures will be henceforth banished from the lands of the Kingdom of Narrowhaven. The Lord Fenrir has also ordained that, should these tresspass the Boundaries all guards are required to attack them on sight. Should they be apprehended, they shall be brought before him and passed judgement.

All Guards of Narrowhaven are hereby ordained and required to act in appliance to these instructions, by explicit order of Fenrir, Duke of Narrowhaven.

As is ordained, so it shall be executed.

In name of His Grace Fenrir, Duke of Narrowhaven,

(unreadable signature, no seal attached)

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