Inside the Wizard’s Way

Damion poured through the bookcase, deftly navigating spine and page in his quest for the knowledge he sought.
"Are you absolutely certain that this is all that you have?" He mentioned to the clerk, a little annoyed.
"two simple spells cannot be the extend of this art.. honestly.." As he changed bookcases he popped an apple out from his sleeve and took a bite out of it.
"if you can master all there is to know of wizardry in two simple purchases and a few minutes of experimentation than this shop is just a cover for something sinister" He jabbered on, his mouthfull of apple altering how his voice hit the ear. He felt the odd signature vibration of power when he uttered the strange yet familiar words contained within his second book. It was magery to be sure but augmented by some unforseen influence that manifested from strange words he could only just pronounce correctly, this language had to exist in more texts somewhere, and he was determined to find them.
"I don’t mean to be rude or forceful, I’ve just been on the hunt for additional scrolls for quite some time now.."
He offered the clerk a sleeve apple of her own and smiled wide.
"I do hope you understand."

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