Incidental Update 11/17/2014

So a few days ago we had a server crash that resulted in a restart, and along with it came a a small accidental update which some of you may or may not have noticed! Even though the update is partial I feel it’s my duty to list the changes that were made, especially so that any possible unintended results of them might be noticed properly.

A number of resources have had their weights dramatically reduced. This includes raw ore, lumber, hides, lockpicks and others!

NPC repair should now remove 2 maximum durability from items, with the exception of leathers (currently). The leathers were unintentional and will probably be "fixed" to match the change. There are however a large number of changes coming that have to do with durability so it’s not a large concern.

Bosses no longer require a minimum of two players to simply take damage. However neither will they have artifacts on their corpses. Instead, they have an increased chance to drop artifacts straight to various attacker’s pack. The more people fighting a boss, the higher the chance for an artifact to be received. Anyone who deals enough damage (1/10th of the player who dealt the most damage.) and receives looting rights will have their own -individual- chance at receiving an artifact. What this means is that it is technically people for five attackers to receive five distinct artifacts each. The Luck attribute will increase these odds.

Enhancement has been fixed and modified. One small "bug" still exists in that naturally occurring Damascus weapons found as loot may not have the damage bonus they should. This should be fixed with the next patch,.

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