In the realm of the gods she waits

Few know of the realms of fracture and even fewer speak of them. The land of man, The void which belongs to chaos and the heavens themselves, the lands of the gods.

A soul rests at the base of what would appear to be a mighty set of thrones. Exhausted, aged, and half of its whole waits to be judged by the gods themselves.

A bitter battle of words, sword, magic, and holy power lashes out as they argue over this weakened soul.

The battle would last eons, and only seconds to man, until a verdict is reached.

The eldest daughter of the creator, Lady Amelia, stands victorious over her brothers and sisters. Pleased her father smiles and nods his head as Amelia moves towards the soul.

A warm hand is placed upon it’s face and in an instant the soul is renewed, made whole in itself but most of all forgiven for it’s sins.

"You will be born, you will age, you will die. It’s your choice now to be happy… He to is out there in the land of man. Find him, let him save you. My gift to you… is love."

with that the soul glows a bright gold and is sent at amazing speed through the cosmos landing in the womb of a good and kind woman.

"A second chance was earned, you are my daughter as much as hers and as such you carry my blessing and my power" Lady Amelia places a kiss on the pregnant belly of a happy mother and disappears back to her home to frolic and play.

And 9 months later a child is born with glorious red hair and brilliant eyes and carrying a gift she doesn’t even comprehend yet.

Her story begins a new.

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