In the forest

For days now, she wondered aimlessly through the trees. The howls of the forest, the screaming of the trees, The pain of death; she could feel it all. It had been years since she had shown her human form, this task was not easy, nor was it safe. The risks were many, the rewards not guaranteed. However, if she could not do this, then who could? The job of a warden had been well taught to her, her responsibilities and expectations. This was her task, was where she needed to be, it was not a request. And so, her first task must begin, she would find median, to be a voice for her kin. She had been watching through the shadows, she knew where she must start.


Finding a companion had been easier than she had imagined. The mage was everything she had hoped to find, and he was good. She now had a two leg home, a place to start, an ear to whisper into. The fear rarely eased, but the duty remained the same. To learn to trust again, the vulnerability of changing, and of walking on two. Yet he seemed to understand, she could feel his strength, and his eyes masking much wisdom. Yes, he would be the one, To help her start, to help her build strength. To fight what, she only wish she knew. A slim hand snaked out from under the cloak and touched him softly on the forehead, her pointer and middle finger slid softly to the side and rested on his temple. She applied a slight pressure and furrowed her brows concentrating. Her eyes closed and after a few moments she let out a long breath, the pressure swelling in intensity, not painful, leaving him more aware, with a heavier weight. A small sweat broke out as her body temperature started to elevate. Her concentration suddenly shattered with a tangible ‘snap’ing sension*


*She pants softly her arms wrapping around herself, energy drained from the effort*
*Looks at her concerned* are you ok bunny? *hugs her*
*She dips her head curling into the embrace as her body twitches once then quickly shrinks turning back into a bunny form.*
*He carries bunny carefully sitting down at first, then laying down on his bed. He bunches up his cloak making a little bed and setting her down carefully, laying his head down close as he slips into sleep*

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