In Defense of Varstaad

The corpse was still warm at her feet and already her thoughts turned to the future.

This self proclaimed "King of Varstaad" is now dead but not before he did great damage to the city. In reality he was a brigand, bullying the locals for protection money and killing any who would not pay. He was not much in real fight against a skilled foe

Dappled always loved the feel of Varstaad. It is free, peaceful and open to all. She fell in love with the place long ago and stayed behind when all the others left.

Dappled realized she could not defend this city alone, she would need help.

Earlier in the day a young man showed up at her house, he was the descendant of one of her past adventuring companions. Gail Thorn, a young man eager for adventure, decided to seek out one of father’s comrade in arms. Thorn eagerly signed on with Dappled when she told him of her plans. Now there are 2 defenders of Varstaad, Dappled knew they would have to find more.

The ink on guild charter was not even dry when Dappled road into the city to take down the murderer Balrock. Many of the towns people looked to her to lead but she was determined to insure that Varstaad remained free, even from her rule.

"Tell anyone that you meet about the Varstaad Defenders" she told Thorn "Might be that there are others who would join us".

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