Impending Update to Fist Weaponry – ETA (10/01) – IMPORTANT

Fist Weapons have been updated to correct their animation, special moves, and sound effects. Previously they functioned, graphically, and audibly like daggers, they also had their special moves. They will now show the proper animation, wrestling, and will have paralyzing blow and disarm, plus if you’re punching monsters it will now sound like you’re punching, instead of making the dagger hit sound!


We changed the base class for fist weapons to optimize their code and make future changes to them easier. The downside here is that any current fist weapons in game will be deleted. If you have any that you wish to break down for imbuing material, or sell, I would suggest you do that. Alternatively if you are one of the few players currently using fist weaponry please screenshot the ones you wish to save and they will be replaced after the update.

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