Humbled in the Shrine

Damion slowly walked into the small shrine, taking care to remove his cowl and tread lightly along the time-worn stones. He was nervous and at a loss as to how you honored higher powers above properly, but he felt it in his heart that an effort was due. Even if it were clumsy or ill worded, it was still vital that the deeds done in their moment of need were recognized. He knelt down and reached to the face of the embossed carving on the floor, brushing his hand across it to clear the blanket of dust and leaves that had sought refuge here. He set down a small vase and threaded a single flower into it, methodically filling it with water from his own waterskin before taking a drink for himself and stashing it away.
"I…am uncertain how to thank you for sending your child to us in our greatest hour of need. The deeds done seem to be the closing of a chapter written long ago before my time, a necessary restoration of balance and peace long sought. I’ve no tounge for prayer, its an acquired language at best.." Damion shuffled, setting his staff down beside him, settling down on his knees and sitting back upon his feet. "However I believe the steady song of my heart rings truer in your ear than any verse my mind could possibly wring into spoken phrase. It is that of an eternal gratefulness, a slow steady march toward something that may only shed a mere glimpse of the real thanks I’ve meaning to offer you." Damion sat still and in silence. His ears devouring all the ancient stones could utter, his gaze tracing the lines of the ankh standing before him.
Moments passed with the soft flutter of the sands outside, caught in its dance with the breaths of the sky. He stood slowly and kissed the top of the Ankh, pulling his cowl over his face and mouth he ventured forth into the raging sands. A weight seemingly lifted from his shoulders, he felt at peace.

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