"You have no honor, Adair" it rang through him and pierced him right to his core. ‘It’s true’, I thought, ‘honor was reserved for those who haven’t had to do what I’ve done or seen what I’ve seen. I paused only for a moment and spoke the only truth I knew, "I sacrificed my honor long ago" he had turned his back on nobility, on being the peoples champion. I was a Clerist now and that’s all he wanted to be.

The woman behind the bars seemed strange but more or less defenseless. I wasn’t even sure they had the right person. I suppose I didn’t ask the right questions, I wasn’t sure I cared enough to even think about them. This woman was behind bars and I established a wall to make it more difficult to enter the academy. There wasn’t much else I could do. I suppose I was supposed to be outraged that my compatriots have died, but this numbness inside me causes me to ignore death and the relationships between the people and myself. Even if Delia died tomorrow would I care? Would it even matter that she was gone? I was sure I’d miss her but wasn’t sure it would destroy me as it had previously. Which of course brought about that strange feeling of our love being different.

I sighed as I gave my suggestion to Frederick, the interim king of their hamlet, "let her be stripped and set home without her items. This is a fitting punishment for us. Her sins will be punishment enough for us." I sounded like a priest… I was becoming more passive as the days went on. Perhaps Farming wasn’t a bad idea. I made sure to tell Freddy that he was young and to remember to forgive. If I could forgive, so could he and then I simply left.

I wonder what will happen of the woman. Mayhaps I’ve spared her.

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