Homeward Bound:To Kill a Polar (Fall Dungeon Writing Contest

Tis has been some time since mi seen mi homeland. Many suns and moons have passed since mi set foot within the stone walls of mi home. The scent of hardwork, honor, devotion, and Lady Flubutter’s Sweet Ale. Mi have been away far too long. Mi stepped into the glowing warm aura that is the moongate and thought of mi homeland.

Within moments mi appeared in the snowy hills, where mi remember as a child playing with the nearby artic ogres. Still I hear them in the distance, but something else is there too. Mi hears a sound! Mi cannot go to Dhorboldor knowin some creature is within tis borders that could be dangerous! Mi must investigate! Hiho!

Tis colder than normal. Barely can smell the stinch of the ogres nearby. Mi can feel the snow rubbing against mi belly as mi tracked toward the creature mi hear in the distance. As the sound grows, mi beard tingles. Tis surely a good sign, that the Gods smile upon mi! As mi step on top of the hill, mi sees it! The creature that mi hear is a Polar bear! Tis not a normal one like mi seen around, tis beast is HUGE! Twice the size of any dwarf! The ground around it, is soaked in blood, as the corpse of an artic ogre lays rotting at tis beast. By Bluesmith’s Hammer!! The beast seems me! He’s charging! Steady mi hand, hold mi ground! *bangs his mace against his shield*

"COME BEAST! Mi beard tingles and mi Gods smile upon me!" mi said as mi readied for battle.

Mi could see the rage in his eyes. His breath strong like the wind, filled with the stentch of ogre. He mauls, Mi blocks! His strength alone enough to make me stagger! Mi grip mi mace stronger, hold mi shield closer. Tis beast shall not best mi! As each blow of mi mace lands, the beast just shrugs it and mauls back. Truely a strong beast!

The fight went on for what seemed like hours. Blow after blow, block after block, clawing and biting. But mi held strong, and soon the beast fell! As mi last blow lands, the beast falls before mi. Takin his last breath, lets out one last roar. Tired mi am, mi wounds run deep. Mi gear is worn. Mi couldn’t help but sit there lookin at the beast. His blood running into the snowy white.

Dats when mi saw it. Along the beast’s backside was deep marks. Marks not left by mi or mi weapon. They were marks from an ogre. Surely they had been hunting tis beast. Mi must have walked upon him as he had stopped his hunter, saw mi and thought mi was hunting him too. There was no need for battle tis day.

Mi stood up and stared upon the corpse of tis needless battle. "Mi am sorry, but mi shall honor thee." mi said pulling out mi knife. "Mi shall not let your body go to waste. Mi shall take your meat, and feast with those that wound drink to thee. Mi shall take your fur and mi shall have made from it clothing that would keep those that would take honor in your givings. Mi shall take thee head and fashion a helm. A helm strong and tough like thee was. A helm that when other ogres look upon it, will make them remember you tis day! But most of all, mi will make a burial for thee. Mi shall pray to mi gods, and tell them of your tale. Mi will let them know how strong you were. Mi will pray that they guide you in the afterlife."

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