History of the Great Dragon Wars, Volume 5

History of the Great Dragon Wars, Volume 5 – The Banishing of the Beasts
By Horelipo Palusm the Historian

To complete the spells seven volunteers were selected each being from a different race and each possessing unique abilities from the seven schools of magic. The men and women were of noble and upright character honorable in all the virtues. Most importantly, each of the seven willingly offered themselves as a sacrifice to complete the spells. As the spell completed the seven were transformed into great pillars that glowed and pulsed to stand guard forever over the spot. As long as the pillars remained intact the great dragons shall remain sealed away for all time. Here in are listed the names of those who gave themselves that we may be free.

Zodameran Lowmag, the Mage
Mazrim Taomor the, Sorcerer
Raolin Darksbane, the Bard
Eamon Valda, the Necromancer
Rhada Asunwa, the Cleric
Morgan Willowleaf, the Wizard
Canthos Ravangaul, the Druid

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