History of the Great Dragon Wars, Volume 4

History of the Great Dragon Wars, Volume 4 – The Lost Druid Groves
By Horelipo Palusm the Historian

The Cowled Wizards, in search of a way to banish the dragons, discovered what came to be known by them as the “The Lost Druid Grove.” This grove was most assuredly not in any of the known lands. They surmised that it could be located on a very far away continent or possibly even in a different dimension. Its exact location was of little consequence to them; however, They discovered the grove had what could only be described in these pages as "shimmering magic pools of liquid" scattered throughout. These "pools" of strange liquid were found to function much the same as moon gates might. Allowing one to travel with relative ease from one location to another.

The Wizards, in their search for a solution to rid the lands of the greater dragons quickly surmised a plan to banish the dragons. These wizards through use of these strange pools located in the lost druid grove, and that is exactly what they set out to do.

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