History of the Great Dragon Wars, Volume 3

History of the Great Dragon Wars, Volume 3 – The formation of The Cowled Wizards
By Horelipo Palusm the Historian

As the lands raged. The races fought among one another with no end in sight. A small group of mages gathered together with the sole purpose of finding a way to put an end to the greater dragons once and for all. Thus was formed the first council of The Cowled Wizards.

These mages looked far and wide for a way in which they might rid themselves of the greater dragons. High and low they searched; pouring over countless writings found it ancient texts, scrolls and tomes. Each attempt they made to rid themselves of the great winged beasts seemed to be in vain. Until on one day they stumbled across an old tome called "The Book of Kaza". In it they read of a place once protected and controlled by druids. It was this place that they sought out in hopes of finding a solution to their problem.

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