History of the Great Dragon Wars, Volume 1

History of the Great Dragon Wars, Volume 1 – The Blunder of Wil Bartram

Many years ago a young adventurer by the name of Wil Bartram set out to find his fame and fortune. As all young men desire to do he ventured far and wide. He traveled from one land to another until one day he inadvertently stumbled upon a great horde of treasure. Just as Wil began filling his coin purse with glittering gems and gold the great dragon to whom the horde of wealth belonged to returned, and caught him in the act!

Normally under such circumstances a dragon would not stop to ask questions of such an act however on this day something most peculiar happened. Whether the dragon was full from a previous meal or if it was simply in a forgiving mood no one shall ever know; however, it is known that instead of making a quick meal out of him, the great dragon instead conversed with him demanding to know why he was there and who had sent him.

The exact conversation that took place on that day is unknown. What we do known is that the great dragon suspected that a rival dragon had sent young Wil to pilfer his horde and as such asked him. As fate would have it, the young adventure in an attempt to make a hasty retreat unwittingly answered yes to having been sent by another dragon. Young Bartman believed that if he laid blame on another, even another dragon in this case, he might escape his almost guaranteed fiery demise. So to the utter ruin of many young Bartram’s risky gamble paid off.

Upon hearing that Wil Bartram was sent by another dragon to pilfer his gold horde the great dragon became enraged. The dragon then asks Wil a question which has thus been referred to as the catalyst that began The Great Dragon Wars. The dragon asked, ‘if the rival dragon (exact name unknown) believed his horde of wealth to be larger then its own?’ For the second time in one day, as fate would have it, Wil Bartram answered yes to the dragons question unwittingly setting into motion a series of events that would untimely lead to the ‘The Great Dragon Wars of the 7th Age’.

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