Hell fire and darkness

Duco was like any normal kid growing up,His pa a great orcish cheif,
Would tell Him storys of how he is different as a boy i never knew what
He ment the storys amazed me He would tell of a great battle to come.

as the boy turned 14 his pa sent him to learn Of who and what he is
You must do lots of training You will be gone for ten years If you live
You will know your true Potiental the Young boy thought his pa was full of it
Just laughed off the young boy could sense there He was very different He had no
Idea of the Horible events that would soon take place,

The young Boy comes to a cavern molting Lava ever where, as the young Boy approaced
the he soon noticed a dimaond setting it a grooved circle shaped hole int his stone
a large dimaon sparkled " the boy thought to his self as he stared at it I will no longer
be poor mylife changes here" as he reached for the diamond a mouth opend where the wall was
the young boy stepped inside his life was about to change.

Inside the room was treasures layed about all over the floor a voice echoed thourh
the room WHO DARES DISTURB MY SLUMBER, * the boy spoke* I am Duco the great orc cheif
sent me on a mission here i am. the boy has a strange sense as if he had seen this
palyed out* You may take one Treasure do not touch the egg.

The young boy Grabbed the egg *the ground beigns to shake* out of no where His body changed
His eyes grew Red the storys His pa had told him about had fainaly came to Pass
He knew he had the Demon blood running thourh him the long awaited Journey had come to and end.

[oocly im hopeing he can be orc with Chaos demon Blood running thourh him]


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