Gyle Moore, squire to the virtues

Gyle Moore, last known member of the Moore family, was brought to Narrow Haven right before Trinsic fell. As the hordes of grotesque monsters were sighted over the horizon Gyle’s parents knew the city was doomed. Even the once great paladins of Trinsic could not hold back an assault of that size. Of course the patriarch of the Moore house, Gyle’s father Torus Moore, could not be seen fleeing. Staying to defend the city was the honorable act. His wife Meera was to follow her son the next morning, there was barely room enough for Gyle on the small skiff. Even less room for the family’s possessions Meera Moore stubbornly demanded she bring with her. Her stubbornness proved to be her demise as the city fell faster than any would have predicted and the last ship to leave was the one Gyle had boarded.

Since he arrived in Narrow Haven Gyle had been staying at a local Inn using what gold his father had shoved in his pocket as he was rushing to leave. To prolong the gold Gyle has been hunting vermin around the city as well as the odd skeleton or undead that seem to infest the out skirts of Narrow Haven. Gyle has been training with sword and shield aspiring to knighthood. His father was no knight, let alone paladin, but his family had much respect for the order. And so, to honor his family and home city, Gyle is willing to take up arms for the protection of the innocent and to uphold the virtues, chief among them Honor and Valor. Gyle Moore will stop at nothing to see Trinsic liberated and his family avenged.

As of now Gyle Moore trains on his own however he seeks to squire for a true knight if the opportunity arises and his story unfolds.

[I plan to update this story with in game events and screen shots as they happen. So stay tuned for more entries. Looking forward to becoming a great knight on this server]

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