Goddamn dock.

One of the prison guards found this scrap of parchment. Now he goes to the copies among the guards.

"… I finally learned from a rascal in the Den, where my cutlass. Looks like he got rid of weapon huckster and now every landlubber can buy it and hang it on her pink rug. I landed in this damn town, Narrow Haven. Yes, yes heaven for armored pigs. It seems, that they were crazy. On the streets and on the quays is a fight. Guards and townspeople cut other townspeople. Gay city. One word. I smashed the head off the most zealous, and went to find store. That was easy. Some deadbeat with a cheap weapon. And an empty purse. I got a couple dozen pieces. But one of those armored goats with halberd blew after me. I went to the store, like a jeweler. And this ram with an ax plunged after me. There I butchered him in the quiet cubbyhole.

A fight in the street did not stop. Almost every head lunged at me with a weapon. Yes, the same kind of woman with a bow hurry up. It seems that she did not care who to kill. Because she shot into the crowd. Well, maybe just women fools from birth to death. All the same, these freaks me overwhelmed. I lost the gear. But found tunnels. There quietly. Rats versus with the townspeople sample of humanity.

With chagrin, I got drunk in the trash. But the visitors were not many. So that affected just a couple tens of potbellied at the inn.

But damn it. I sneaked into the bank. This money mouse refused to give me my gold. If these goats do not give me my gold, I’ll take their gold. Just and fair. What I take. I managed to collect some what equipment. Not yet announce these gilded loafers with crossbows. But able to get rid of them in the tunnels.

So what. I was paralyzed and thrown to this cell. Damn sorcerers. Now I understand why the city has gone mad… "

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