Footsteps walk long empty Halls

Grim Mineshadow walks about in thought as he looks over his newly aquired holdings.. " It is time" he mumbles to himself. "Time for the dwarve of the land to have there place." The time is now, with the oncoming darnkness from these deamons and dragons, he thinks to himself. We must take to these caverns and these halls and gather as many dwarven folks as can be gathered. Get them safe from all of what is going on above ground. Grim nods to himself as he prepares parchments which will be posted about the lands. They will call all dwarven folk to seek out each other and to seek out grim himself so he can show them where to bring there families. Its time the dwarves gather and protrct there race the best they can and let the "tall bodies" as his father refered to humans and elves alike, let them deal with the upper lands an we shall take care of our people in the depths of the mountains where we belong. We can gather her for now and ptrotect our find from what is possibly coming and when its all over we shall seek out a larger and even more proper home for the dwarves of these lands.
Grim gathers the parchments and starts posting them in all the blacksmiths, carpenter and tinker shops he can find. "Well, this is a start"" he mumbles to himself. "we have to start somewhere, might as well be here"

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