Fenrir, Explorer Extraordinare

At least, that is what the rogue adventurer who hailed from Buc’s Den likes to title himself as; and who could blame him? The young man barely had hair ‘pon his chin and already he was accomplishing so much in such little time! No one even knew the youngster’s story.. but most would guess it would be trivial at best- for it seems that nothing ever good comes from the isles of Buccaneer’s Den.

Yet there Fenrir stood, a fledgling hero of around twenty summers in age, ebon hair tied back in a ponytail so those sharp icy sapphire eyes could gaze at his surroundings with a calculating look in their depths.. and as prickly as that gaze could get he was one of the more amiable souls that folks would ever come across.. yet despite that same redeeming quality the man held a brutal strength and wicked cunning that was virtually feral and unmatched- or so he’d like to believe- for even though at one point something would have challenged him, he would soon adapt to overcome that challenge with relative ease.

At one point, that was poison. He learned of ways to counteract the detrimental effects and prolong his fighting. Then it was magic- and some say that he has managed to even overcome the searing flames that the most powerful magi use against their foes.. for he seems to heal his wounds as quickly as he gains them.

There are rumors floating around that Fenrir might actually be more than just a mere pirate, some even go so far as to say he is supernatural and otherworldly- those who witnessed his prowess in combat are the ones that seem to attest to the latter, and the man himself is not shy in sharing those details; current victories seem to include the killing of paragons with immense power.. from the cave ogre lords to the arctic ogre lords (to which Fenrir will correct you if you believe they are one in the same) to slaying groups of dragons and drakes together.. not to mention daemons as well.. and while this might not seem like any particular achievement, the man would look you in the eye and say that he did it alone, without the aid of magical summons- and to top it all off, he did it in ferocious melee combat.

Whatever the case may be, Fenrir certainly seems to be hiding something behind his stoic and amiable facade.. some wonder why he even goes so far as to plumb the very depths of the world looking for treasures- needless to say that it might be something that more than meets the eye when it comes to this pirate ‘explorer’.

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