Feast for the mother

Rules are made to be broken
Therefore Lloth has no rule
She already rules

Many souls, buried away six feet under, are rich in memories and knowledge of the past. Necormancers know this well, so do the children of Fear itself, who live alongside the entrance towards hell.

Iimylene – a maiden of soul harvest, a servant to a deity of Fear – held no expectation from this new heat space, for not having its own version of an Underdark. If no Underdark, there must be its own version of hell, dungeon, tomb, an underground world, where the plateaus of earth separate any realms between a world that sunlight can reach, and a world that darkness must hide. She must find this universal constant here, before her meaning of existence as a drow, melts away in the sunlight.

Despite her universal belief, there is something different in the new heat space. For instance, demonic offsprings walk among the central town of peace, living a normal mortal life among mortals. This Rivvan and half-demon, half-Rivvan friend, approached Iimylene just after she covered a dirt hole in front of the Black Market.

"Hey look, what’s happening there…?" The Rivvan spoke, with smell of ale from ten steps away. The demonic Rivvan was more drunk than the Rivvan, and was easier to distract with more alcohol.

"Good to see you again. Fancy more drinks?" Iimylene produced a bottle of cheap wine, emphasising its cheap quality, and yet it was enough to divert their attention.

"Got any dice? This would be the perfect time for some dice game." The demonic Rivvan slurred.

"If you can locate the Underdark, where I came from, you can find a hundred-sided die."

"Really? We must go there. Would you have weed there too?" The slightly smarter Rivvan questioned.

"Of course, but you know there’s a herbalist in Narrowhaven who can help you out with that right?" Iimylene pointed southwest. "In fact, if you think the local herbalist’s stock does not give you enough ‘oomph’… There’s much better stuff to be found just outside the west walls. I’ll take you there."

"Well what are we waiting for!"

They moved all the way from Black Market to the herbalist hut in west Narrowhaven, where Iimylene parted and left them to their fate with the whipping vines outside.

Outside Black Market, when no one was around, something narrow and bony disturbed the soil. What seemed like fingers swiftly clawed its way from the bottom, grabbed an item that was only shallowly buried on the surface, then sunk back into the depths along with the buried item.

Nothing happened here then, or to Iimylene, she might have to wait some more days to find her alternate home.

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