Family (So thats what you call a family?)

(picture by me, Its not that great, but it’ll do:))


(Authors note – When reading, imagine Daynedun with a Scottish accent. It will make his dialog easier to read.)


“Thats it Gramps! I’m leaving for good!” Caierris shouted at Daynedun.

“Och, Nae ya doon’t ye harpy. Yer gonna lea’rn some patience even if were oout her’ all month.” Daynedun said calmly as he clanged an iron around Caierris’ foot, and secured the other side to the post of the dock.

The color drained from Caierris’ dark skin. “Whats the supposed to mean?! Give me the key you old coot!”

“Nay,” He grinned and chucked the key out into the water. “I told ye, Today we begin a lesson een patience.”

Caierris was speechless as she looked back and forth from the old human to the water where the key just entered.

“Ah, Sweet silence” he said as he sat down in his chair on the edge of the dock and picked up his fishing pole and cast it out in the water.

Several minutes went by before Caierris found her voice, at which point she was tugging helplessly at the short chain connected to the dock. “Get… this… thing… off… of… me.”

“Nay” Daynedun kept fishing not even sparing her a glance.

Caierris sat down in a huff, crossing her arms and legs and glared at Daynedun. “You don’t really intend to keep me tied her like a wild animal all month do you?”

“Ye are a wild animal.” He kept fishing. After a few minutes when he sensed she had finally calmed down he looked at her seriously. “Nahw, If yer dun houfing and poufing, How long you are oot her’ rea’ly depends on your actions.” Daynedun reached over and grabbed a second fishing pole and shoved it into her hand.

Caierris looked hopeful for a second. “You mean if I sit here and fish for a little bit, you’ll let me go?”

“Nay” he said simply and went back to fishing.

Caierris was about to break the blasted fishing pole over her knee when the old man interrupted her.

He clicked his tongue at her. “I wouldn’t do that if I were you.”

She snapped her head in his direction. “WHY THE HELL NOT!?” she said obviously beyond herself with frustration.

“Well if ye be wantin of this dock any time soon, you better start fishin for that key.”

“Rawr!” Caierris shouted. “How does this thing even work?” It took her almost an hour of hooking herself in the back before the hook finally made it into the water.





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