Family Chains


The Bitter Taste of Betrayal

Sometimes, the minutes seemed to flow slowly and hours being endless. There was still a feeling of safety attached to this underground life we were all leading. Here, I was safe away from the eyes of the blinded. Alas, an existence between walls of cold stone had lead me to seek even more companionship. That painful loneliness had to end somehow… perhaps I could find my Selena here? Maybe this time I could make a different ending. Maybe this time there will be less red, less accidents, and no remorse.

I lost my line of thoughts when I saw Miluda enter the room. That drow reminded me of my long lost Selena, somehow… I had troubles to explain it to my own self. A simple instinct. I even had offered her a gift of trust, lately. I know not how could I link her race with that, but I did. Perhaps is she far enough from my memories that I managed to twist reality to shape my own desires? Maybe, maybe, maybe. So, I left my throne and wrapped my arms around her waist in hopes to receive some token of affection. I felt as if I was holding some cold and lifeless stone statue.

– My Love, why do you suddenly remind me of those walls that are keeping us here?

My question remained unanswered, as she spoke harsh words empty of meaning. I could feel an uncontrollable rage ignite deep into myself again, so I went back to sit in hopes it would silence.

– So… that’s how you thank me for offering you freedom?! You insult me… you break my heart. You are not the Miluda that was part of us anymore! Where are you?! Did I make a mistake? Why would I trust in someone that becomes unrecognizable like you do. How could I? As soon as I will close my eyes, I will feel your dagger slice open my throat… yes… You dare to reject someone like me. That cannot be!


Next thing I knew, I was holding something sharp in my right hand. Some drops of blood were mixing with a poisonous substance, over a shining blade. I was able to hear echoes of voices in my mind; a male’s voice. I recognized him, it was Varik. Why was he calling me? As I was trying to find the answer to those questions, my vision unfocused from the blood stained knife and I saw Selena. Was that an hallucination? It felt like a perfect reenactment. She had closed eyes and bathed in a pool of her own shiny blood. I was sitting over her with the slippery weapon still in my hand. What had I done again? Poor Selena… I swear I didn’t wish that for you…

– Selena, wake up… WAKE UP!

Then, her corpse coughed. Wasn’t she not dead? I blinked a few times as her skin seemed to darken and her hair turning to silver. Miluda…? I opened wide my eyes and looked around us. I felt Varik patiently helping me up, pulling me away from her. I stumbled to my throne and sat back in shock. I was losing it again… I did not wanted this.

Coming back to her senses, Miluda was quite in a raging mood. Threats and insults were leaving her mouth as quick as the poison that had previously entered her veins. It was clear to me that she had become uncontrollable. A wild woman that held a deep desire of vengeance… I could not take the risk. Barely aware of what had been surrounding me, and confused, I asked help from the Family.

– Varik, Serpentina, please hold Miluda for me. I have a decision to take.

Varik had already spoken to her. He was a precious one to keep chained here with me… Who knows how it would have ended without him? That Dear Serpentina had fought for me as well despite my lack of acknowledgement of my surrounding. They were worthy Family members.

– Miluda, I will have to banish you from this Family… but freedom would be too much of a gift. You have made three important offenses to our Family and you have to learn that those cannot go unpunished. Learn your place. Learn respect. Learn to follow. You are lucky that I have enough love in my heart for all of you…


Later on, Varik left the room to have a word with Serpentina, I think… I was not very sure what was happening. Everything seemed so blurry and surreal. Miluda had crawled her way to my throne, begging me to give her back the gift. Cruel drow. This whole experience had been unpleasant and traumatizing for me. My hands were still shaking and my cheeks were still wet from betrayal. What would I do without my Selena again?

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