Eyes of the damned.

It isn’t easy, being back.
I lived, I left. Now I’m here again.

Sasha lead me back. I still can’t call this world home. I miss my mother.

I looked down on Scarlet as she tended with the two men of her life, another demi god and a spoiled mage of another world.

Scarlet was my Famous Monster no more, and even she is able to see this now. I felt sorry for her.

These eyes of mine, showing me things to change, fix.

Yet always I have to follow my mothers rules. "Ask first, don’t just do. We can change it as we see fit, but they are the ones to live in our creation."

The egg. She thinks I don’t know what it is. Silly mortal.

Still with all the bickering in that house and the task of the spoiled brat, I couldn’t just leave her there, and she did finally accept my help.

"Come along Scarlet".

I took her where I shouldn’t. But at least here there would be only one threat, and one I could deal with for her, at least for now.

I didn’t have the heart to tell her. Not yet but when it comes right down too it, Scarlet might be the only hope for this world’s surface…

…If she can learn to love…

…the unlovable.

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