Eclaves sad tale

Eclaves Sad Tale

As a young boy Eclave was quite Rambutious it was him and his mom and brother
our mom would make Us fight I was only 8 years old she had told me only the
strong survive,she told me when your older You and your brother will fight
to the death to take over and Become Ruler of the Underdark.

Two years passed the time has come! My mother called us to the Arena
I have waited a long time for this Brother *I spoke*,*he looks at him with a cold smile*
He pulls out his Kyress and prepares for battle,i charge at him swinging with all my might
I knew it was me or Him and i was not going to die this day!.The gods watched over me
He cut into my chest Creating an x across the Middle of it! I felt the warmth of the blood
run down my chest, I snapped Grabbing my Kyress I begin to scream I spun around cutting his head
off His shoulders I then grabbed him up By the hair Giving his Head to Mother.

The Young boy is Now Thirteen Years of age one Night Some Bandits came into his home
Grabing his mom up and Beating her they kicked her,stomped her, They slit her thorat
making me watch as she screamed for my help there was to many I could do nothing but watch
They set our Home on fire Burning ever thing to the ground!I wiped my mothers blood from
my eyes only to see nothing was left ever thing was gone and i was alone no food no water
Left to die. for years I lived in the woods Stealing to survive was this it for the young boy.

A year passed at 14 years of age a Hunter is walking thourgh the wilderness one day
He came across the young boy no clothes on his body starved to almost death his ribs
stuck out of his side,the man said you boy are coming home with me the young boy looks up at
him and growls He had not seen a Human Before The hunter took him home the young boy
thought he had found a place He was wrong.!

Not long after the young boy got to the House he Was thorown into a room No bigger
then a Box the room was crammed and small with Nails sticking out ever where the hunter
brought the young boys food to him in a bowl Made him eat it Like some animal the human
took his whip and beat the young boy till His back started to bleed He was nothing more then
a slave for the hunters use and Entertainment he laughed at the young boy cause He cryed
when he was beaten with no remorse the young boy cryed ever night You are weak Boy
he would shout I should have left you to die, You are Nothing Boy.

One Night on his fifteen Birthday he waited for the man that saved his life a year before
to go to sleep the Man went to sleep when He did the Young Boy stood over the hunters Bed
with an axe,He yelled at him you bastard you Brought me here just to treat me like a slave
You know not of who i am He begins to chop the hunter up Peice by Peice Limb by Limb.
He take the hunters Head Looks it in the eyes and spits in the heads face.

lots of years have passed the Boy now a man Trusts No Humans he now roams the land
Eating dead animals taking what he wants Hateing ever one.

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