He had held him off for several hours even as they sat along rocky bottom.. but in the end his weakness had swept him again and The other had set to the task of freeing himself from chain.. He had fought back, seizing control from time to time, setting himself to the task of slowing the escape.. but in the end it was just as he’d said..

All he could hope to do was delay him.. He’d never be able to stop him fully..

So instead he bent his will to that task.. to being the insurrection within the mind that had once been his, instead of attempting to seize it, he would attempt to confuse the creature.. slow it down, throw it off.. Strike when it was less focused.. All the small ways a swarm of insects might take down much larger prey.. With a thousand small stings, over one direct blow..

As the last chain fell to the ocean floor, he felt the wave pass through the other.. Something was supremely amiss, and he heard the creature cry out in the darkness of his mind…

‘No.. No you little -Bitch- No! NOT AGAIN!’

Their form stilled collapsing to the ocean floor and at once he felt the compulsion sweeping through the creature, and reverberating back off the wall of his own mind.. They were being summoned.. And if they were being summoned it could mean but one thing..

She was drawing them back.. Because she had found way to lay chains that even -He- could not break..

Lips formed cruel smile in the bleakness.. as he moved to answer the call..


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