Dragons, Gargoyles, and Chimeras (oh my)

It was a quiet afternoon with Mauzen as Tra hopped through the sand on the souther coast of Narrowhaven main. Still Fenrir had not shown his face for many moons and it had begun to worry the young dragon-squirrel. Then as they raced to the bank Tra’Wyn saw what appeared to be a waling stature, a "Shur" it called itsself, with no other name or markings. Now when a pure grey stone demonic form appears usually it is an omen of good, for by legend the winged gargoyles of old were cast and given life by anchient wizards to guide mortals and protect them from dark magics at work in the land, however this was not the case.
This Shur as he called himself claimed it was a name for his race, beings that resembled gargoyles yet lacking honor, discipline, or fealty in aspects of moral stature. As Tra looked upon him the creature changed taking on a form of a lich, a creature of which Tra was very familar. Having walked the paths of the dead and slain many a Lich Tra soon discovered this too was a magical illusion.
So gritting his teeth and returning to his draconic form, unable to use paladonic magic in his demon touched planer existance Tra looked upon him and breathed deeply in his scent and there it was that he smelled it… Drow, a Drow wizard. "Mortal", Tra exclaimed as the being still claiming to be of demon blood yet having no tiefliing within him to even share a kinship overwhelmingly tempted and tormented Astra and the Tromtors… Shaking off the illusion seeing with his true sight through the lies cast upon the being Tra marvelled as it tempted once more the Queen to sleep with it and commit adultry, dishonoring her marriage, to dissolve her right to the throne.
Staring at Astra in shock Tra asked her "Why can you not see it is a Mortal?", and "Do you really desire this Mortal over Fenrir?" Eventually the Queen left in a puff of smoke as the being laughed watching her go. Once again Tra asked himself… Is Astra really a Chimera? If a pure blood Chimera, then a creature five fold Goat/Lion/Snake/Ram/Dragon… And even humans touched by dragonic lineage were blessed or cursed with true sight, or animals true-scent. But Chimeras could not have children, or take upon human form unless cast upon them by a powerful sorcerer/sorceress.
Was Astra a sorceress, was she a true Chimera, if so why could she not see the mortal before her? Or mayhap was Astra a mere tiefling sorceress who took upon the form of a Chimera for herself at times of want or desire? Mayhap there were not her young whelps as lions or drakelings as dragons but more… mayhap her children were mortals of tiefling blood, and she.. she was in more mortal danger by the strange Drow wizard Shur then she could ever imagine….

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