Donation Store Update

Some updates are going to be made to the donation appreciation page to make it more streamlined. Thank you to those who can help us keep the server running through their donations! All donations go towards UORP and we strive to ensure that all of the things listed here can be obtainable in game without exceeding difficulty. Please let us know if you have any thoughts or recommendations.

Character :
Any 1 skill to 100 – $5
Any 1 skill from 100 to 120 – $5 (No power scrolls needed)

Advanced Character Tokens:
Expert: 500 Skill Points Distributed. Individual Max of 80. – $5
Grandmaster: 750 Skill Points. Individual Max of 100. Max Stats – $20
Legendary: 1000 Skill Points. Individual Max of 120. Max Stats – $50

+125 Bank Storage – $10
+50 Bank Storage – $5

Custom Plot Combinations – $5 (Combine one plot to others.)
Custom Plot Movement – $5 (Move a house and its full contents. Any facet.)
Town-House Exterior Lockdowns 1-tile Max – $5 (Must be public)
Town-House +500 Lockdowns/Secures – $5

Ten Credit Mix and Match. Monthly Decorations. – $5 (We will work with the people and offer a wide variety of decorations. See monthly staff auction posts for more details.)

Various Ethereal Mounts – $5

Resource Packs – Same as listed on the donation page accessed from the website.

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