Yet again, his sleep was restless.. filled with fragments of memories.. He had awoken remembering nothing, but with the same unease.

So he had returned to the caverns, half to hunt, half hoping he might come across the girl again.. but he had not. So he had hunted.. fighting, gathering.. seeking. When he grew tired of the cavern he had left, wandering the woods beyond the place.. always with the vague sense that something he ought to find was just beyond the next bend of the mountain.. through the next thicket of trees.. Yet whatever it was, it eluded him still no matter how far he roamed.

Sam often asked him questions about things he couldn’t place memory to, but he was convinced had happened.. He had returned from wherever he had been with blood on his face.. dried from a wound to his head. Was this the cause of his confusion? It seemed at least some explanation, though it did not touch on how even with few memories of why.. he had no interest in the craft he had come here to study. Why he had found himself clad in armour.. why he carried blades.

Worse.. why the only time he felt even a minutes certainty seemed to stem from the times he took up those blades.. set to the hunt.

Then the girl.. her questions.. something nagging at the back of his mind.. like some remembered fragment of a dream. He had thought little of it in the moment.. or if he had thought more of it.. somehow he had pushed it down in his mind as if it was nothing.. Wasn’t that in of itself odd? She had asked so many strange questions, yet as he looked back on it, he could not recall thinking them so strange as they were in the moment. It all seemed.. off somehow.. As if he was viewing the world through dirty window pane.. Memories that seemed missing, then this odd off sense of confusion.. Second guessing even his own actions and thoughts from one moment to the next..

Something seemed off, and even though that should concern him the most.. should strike him moreso then anything else.. What hung in his mind was Her.



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