Andal grasped his halberd in hand as he picked himself up off the ground slowly, the static energy of Methalas spell still crackling around him, he was dazed and confused, but not beaten. Elmore lay slumped over against the cave wall, whether he was alive or not The Clerist couldn’t tell. The boy had been warned not to follow.

Methalas was there before him, dark and unending. Red eyes surrounded by a black haze of shadow and smoke. “I knew you had it in you.” His voice was dry and coarse; the demonic taint heard echoing throughout the cavern. “All my trials, all my tests, all my failures… and you still could not resist but to pursue your old habits. To try and save me.” He snarled mockingly.

“Have you learned nothing!?" There was desperation in his voice. "An entire world destroyed and you persist! There is no end to this conflict Methalas. Not until you stop! What you are doing to these people is wrong!” The Clerist was unwavering in his conviction, the halberd filling with a luminous aura from a power that came deep from within. There was only one thing left to do.

“And why would you want an end? Every time we do this dance… I know you feel it too. Growing within you, making you stronger. The power of it all… And this world is so rich in its varieties… So full of energy. One could rule the universe with it.”

“You forget yourself Magi! You are not to rule over anyone, or anything. You will be restrained for all eternity. With me as your guardian.” He charged towards the shadow before him, unrelenting in his task.

For a moment that seemed to last an eternity, shadow and light intertwined as spark & flame scattered throughout the darkness in a myriad of colors. An explosion erupted, and in a sparkle of brilliant light Andal found himself swinging his shimmering halberd back and forth, up and down, ducking and dodging the lashing wisps of cold darkness that emanated from Methalas’ dark soul. The blade of light sparkled through the unhindered ligaments of shadow, like parting black smoke, neither harming the darkness nor stopping it, and in a terrible whirlwind of confusion The Clerist was brought to his knees abruptly.

A cry of pain echoed throughout the halls of Despise.

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