The soft roll of the waves lapped at the ship as the blackness above and all around enveloped all save the soft light given by the deck lamps.. His cloak hung around him the soft whispers from the blackness of his mind unrelenting in their inquisition..

‘What now, what do you expect this will achieve.. you can’t hold me in here forever -Child- then what.. what happens after that…?

He remained silent, refusing as he had since he left her to dignify it with a response..

”You must realize that even -this- will not work.. There is no way to stop me.. I will have what I want. You can accept this, or you can waste time idly resisting.. but in the end all roads will lead to the same place..’

His eyes remained fixed to the horizon, his voice silent even as deckhand approaches throat cleared to draw attention..

‘Ah.. sir, we be a’reachin’ tha place yah asked fer.. It’sa.. s’right deep here..’

He remained silent nodding only and then turned looking down to heavy chains laid upon the deck… He his hand slipped within the cloak as he offered the sailor the bag of coins and then gestured to the chains, leaning to seize one in his hand, wrapping it’s weight around his shoulder.. even as the sailor offered him yet another..

‘Bind them tightly.. drive the nails between them and bend them with whatever you have to do so..’

‘Beggin yer pardon sir.. but as’n yer wearin’ plate.. ah.. is.. this nece’ary?’

He fixed the man with a hard look, but said nothing only glaring at him till he set about the work. Slowly the heavy chains were bound tightly, wrapping around his arms, legs and coming together at his chest, before nails were beat into broken coils.. holding them firmly in place..

Laden so he shuffled to the edge of the deck, his eyes cast down into blackening waters below..

As the cold of water touched to his skin, and the blackness drew in all about him, he heard soft whisper one last time as what meager light pierced the water’s veil from deck lamps..

‘So Dramatic.. but we will find her again.. In the end you only delay.. As before you cannot prevent.’


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