Deception, Betrayal, and the Return of the Darkness…

The mighty barbarian Rowar, the bounty hunter Doc Kade, and the mystic druid Bankenfeure are no strangers when it comes to dealings with shady people, for they are a band of ruffians. Hired mercenaries who carry out their tasks without mercy… For a price. Which is why when, Rowar along with his two closest companions Doc and Bankenfeure were approached by a hooded figure they did not hesitate to draw their weapons.
“You do not know who I am.” said the hooded one. “But I have seen the power of you three filthy humans, your abilities in combat appear unrivaled, and there are few who would dare to oppose you without an army….
“Speak your intentions dark one, or I’ll show you the intention of my hammer!” shouted Rowar.
The hooded figure stood in slilence for a moment with an eery stare as if irritated at the remark before muttering some form of drowan language that the humans could not understand then continued, “It just so happens my current enemy is amassing an army. I do not need you humans, however… our goals are common and YOU will not be able to face the dangers that approach you alone… I offer you immense payment of treasure and lost artifact weapons as payment in order for your temporary alliance.
The hooded figure looked in anger at the barbarian and began rattling off a language in which none of the adventurers could understand before regaining composure.

But do not be mistaken… once our common enemy is defeated… we are just as much enemies with you as your entire surface dwelling race!”

The adventurers looked at one another puzzled, then Doc spoke, “Ya speak of our ‘common’ enemy, but we haven’t been threatened by anyone that would pose any type’ a threat to us?”
The hooded stranger looked towards Doc and nodded, then proceeded, “There is a man in power right now whose numbers grow daily, his power is exponential and he has not taken kindly to the three of you and your bandit antics, He is one of tradition and royalty it would seem, I’m basically offering you vast treasure to kill YOUR enemies.”
The band of ruffians have never been known to turn down gold, but wanted to know more of what they were getting themselves into, Rowar asked, “We do not know you, nor who you want to be crushed by the weight of my hammer, pierced with Doc’s arrow, or obliterated by the lightning of Bankenfeure, you offer treasure… which is good, but you must explain yourself more before we could ever agree to such a deal?”

The shadow surrounding the hood seemed to grow more powerful as he responded, “This I understand… but if I tell you now then I could risk a hasty decision between the three of you, I will contact you when the time to attack is right, until then be expecting me.” Then as if from nowhere four additional figures arose from behind the original and then in a consuming darkness disappeared. The three adventurers looked upon one another and agreed that it’d be best they stay on their guard when dealing with those around them for the time being.

Many days later, the three were just returning to narrowhaven after battling several fearsome beasts and split up; Doc went to the bowyer across the ferry in order to fix his crossbow, Bankenfeure teleported to the mages shop to fill his bag of reagents, and Rowar went to the blacksmith to repair his splintered and charred wooden shield. Upon arrival Rowar was greeted by the blacksmith as a customer who stops in frequently, he rested his hammer and shield with the blacksmith and went to rest in the corner. From behind him he heard soft footsteps from the other side of the doorway and then the door began to slowly open. Alas, it was once again the same hooded figure from before. “Rowar, I must speak to you somewhere more…Private. quickly, follow me.” Rowar showing no hesitation followed the mysterious figure into the sewers where after a quick walk found themselves inside a secret meeting room full of what appeared to be magical inscriptions. “What is the meaning of this stranger? I grow tired of waiting and your secretive ways, this is your last chance, I am not armed but I have the strength of ten normal men in this hand and I will crush the life out of you if you do not tell me now!” The hooded figure began to laugh and responded almost mockingly, “Oh, of course Mighty Rowar… I will not keep you waiting any longer, the previously mentioned army that I was contesting has returned to their homeland far away from here and pose no threat to our expansion anymore, however… I still thirst for bloodshed, and you will prove quite nicely as an example as to what will happen to all of the surface dwelling race!” Then from behind Rowar came a sound, as Rowar turned a magical dust was blown into his face from another hooded figure which instantly knocked him unconscious.
As Rowar awoke he found himself tied up and being dragged across a cold gravel floor. The two figures stopped before a sacrificial circle and began speaking in their drowan language. Rowar immediately knew the danger that he was in, but was not able to defend himself without any weapons.

The Drows carried him into a room which looked like either a resting place for the dead, full of sarcophagi, potions, and torturous looking mechanisms. The original hooded figure says to Rowar,”It is a shame that you will not survive this night to warn the surface dwellers of the Drows return. We would have liked to have atleast some resistance from your weak race.” Rowar responded, “Drow… you will pay for this with your life, do your worst!”

The two began torturing Rowar by cutting his chest with a blade and pouring acid made of mushrooms from the underdark onto the chest of Rowar. They then continued to deliver sa much pain as possible to Rowar in hopes that they would hear cries of agony, but began to be confused when no matter what they did the most they could do was get a grunt of anger from the superhumanly strong man! The two spoke in Drow with one another one last time before leaving the room to grab something that would be sure to cause Rowar pain. Rowar had struggle to break free from the shackles that had tied him several times before, but after the thoughts of the drowan race attacking those closest to him allowed him to put all of his strength into breaking free from the shackles! The two drows entered the room and were instantly bashed upon the faces and they fell to the ground. The Drowan woman shouted out the door as Rowar quickly gathered his gear that they has taken from him and Rowar began to hear screams from many others from outside, he quickly ran out the door andsaw many Drow chasing after him. He quickly used his hearthstone and right before he was grabbed ahold of by the vile Drow he was returned to the inn of Narrowhaven and instantly collapsed. Several citizens outside ran to his aid and after a trip to the healer’s he was visited by his greatest friends Doc and Bankenfeure along with many other bystanders. Rowar awoke and sat up. He looked upon his friends and the other citizens and said, “We thought the Drow to be a weak and dying race… We could not be more wrong, the drow are many strong and are planning a dark war with all those who live above land.”

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