December Entry

Lillianna always spent a good amount of time brushing out her long red hair and making her signature braid tight and even so it would hang down her back. Her lips were a ruby red accented by her innocent shining blue eyes. Every morning she looked in her mirror and wondered what the day would bring.

Some would call her a natural beauty, while others would say she tried to hard. But for Lillie she did not care it was all about putting on a dress she was never able to wear as a child and going about her day.

Usual mornings she would pick a fancy dress, head down to her kitchen and whip up some treats. After she left some for her husband she would head into town smiling at everyone she met. People always stopped to greet her, she was lovely and who could pass up free baked goods.

This morning however was completely different she woke up and looked around a bedroom that was not her own as wild images flashed in her brain rapidly. She turned to look at the man next to her and bit her bottom lip. She knew it must have been late in the morning but there was nothing she could do about that now.

She looked around for her clothes and pulling them on realized her shirt had a tear down the front. Holding it closed she smiled and waved and concentrated on her hearthstone to take her home so she could fix it and get changed for the day.

As the dark blue magic surrounded her the horror of her mistake struck her full force and she was dropped right in the middle of the packed inn of Narrowhaven. She looked around at the faces she knew holding her shirt tighter knowing her hair was a disheveled mess and her clothing was rumpled.

She walked to the door as quickly as her feet could carry her as the whispers started to follow her. Outside was no better the guards watched her with their silent stares. And people started to point and whisper. She ducked into the trees and started to make her way to the caves.

Once inside the caves she took a moment to catch her breath. Leaning against the wall she clutched her bag to her heaving chest and closed her eyes trying to slow her racing heart. After a few moments she opened her eyes and continued through the caves to the portal ignoring the few miners who guaked at her. Hopping into the portal quickly she arrived in Varstaad and dragged her feet to the docks.

Without a word she scowled at the Sailmaster and showed him her Membership card and he sailed her home which he has done a million times before. He kept giving her backward glances and shook his head and made *tsk tsk* noises with his tongue but Lillie ignored him as the shore grew ever closer.

Taking a deep breath she walked the short distance up to her workshop keeping her eyes alert for anyone about, especially that pesky elf. She did not see anyone so she bolted into the workshop and quickly put thread to shirt ignoring the few times she got herself making tiny dots of blood appear in the fabric. As she finished her sewing she put down her needle and stood up and smacked right into her husband Jorge.

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