So he sat in the small room, the soft light from the fading fire lightening the darkness.. he rested in familiar seat.. his mind drifting over the events of the day, even as his hand sought the torn fabric of his stomach..

Amazing.. to see what it could do.. that deep feeling, that intense emotion.. So many years gone he had almost forgotten what it looked like.. But as soon as he had seen it had all come back.. the memories of that night. Being that boy.. looking at the same immortal monster.. and yet unable to act.. Frozen by his fear.. his cowardice had become his shame.. A mortal man walking with gods.. In the long years since then he had reassured himself that he had redeemed himself.. but faced with courage, true courage driven by that deep of feeling.. At once he missed the boy he had been.. and at once come to appreciate what she had seen in this one.. even as flawed and broken as he was..

He missed Life.. He missed.. Passion, Fire. Love.

It felt as if he had finally truly awakened.. from his long cold slumber.. from this sleep walking unlife he had led.. and at once he had realized it.. He did not love her.. not like that.. He loved her.. but it wasn’t -that-. It wasn’t what -that- felt like.. and he knew it because he could -remember- what it had felt like..

He sat in the fading light, a small sad smile coming to his lips.. it hurt. Truly hurt though.. a depth of pain that stung and burned.. and in so doing gave him feeling again.. More than his simple obsessions.. his passing fancies or games played at living.. this gave him the truth of it. He wasn’t a childe any longer.. and he hadn’t brought her into this world to fill some emptiness in himself.. he had done it because it was right to do.. Because she was meant for this world..

Even as he was saddened even as it cut to him, there was joy here.. Joy for her.. for them.. and for him too, as her Sire.. Their joy somehow seemed his.. even if it had ceased the path forward to what he had thought to seek..

Even as he heard her moving through the halls it lifted his heart.. There was that much at least..

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