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Krist Lionheart

Krist accepted the hand that was offered, and stood up with a groan.
"You didn’t think such short creatures could hit so hard, now did you," Hali of the militia asked, looking the young warrior over. Krist was a tall, well built man, but he had much to learn in fighting.
"No ma’m, I don’t suppose I did," Krist replied, massaging the muscles in his shoulder. His armor took the brunt of the attack, but it hurt all the same.
Krist pushed his blonde hair from his face, the sweat causing it to stick. He offered Hali a nod of thanks, bringing a smirk to her lips as she turned and headed back to the others.
The militia went about checking the dead orcs for equipment or anything else the small community could use.
Krist had only arrived in Cove a couple of weeks prior, trying to help out the situation, and assisted the militia when he could. Krist had heard rumors that they were in trouble, with Trinsic over taken and the roads all but impassable. Cove depended on supplies from Trinsic, and now Krist was trying to help them get supplies from Britain as well as shore up the defenses of Cove.
Britain for it’s part was not trying to ignore the woes of Cove, as far as Krist knew, but with the shipping lanes being stalked by pirates and the roads over run by orcs and worse, supply runs were difficult.

Krist grabbed his backpack, slung it over his good shoulder, and limped back to Cove. He came with hope that he could help, but it became apparent he was now needing help himself. Still, a single warrior could make the trek back and forth to Britain when needed, and avoid too much trouble if done right. He would not be bringing any large amounts of goods right now, but he could bring medicine and such when needed.

As Krist neared the walls of Cove he saw Malych watching him approach. The man wore robes like a mage, but something about him gave Krist the creeps all the same. He had only a slight grin on his face as he looked the young warrior over.
"Troubles my friend," he asked, in his gravely voice.
"It all worked out," Krist said, forcing a smile. Malych simply nodded. Krist could not say that Malych ever did anything wrong, and he had aided the community in the short time since his arrival, but even the militia steered clear of him.

Inside the walls Krist made his way to the healer. He would just pop in for some elixir to ease the pain, but if they were busy he would not bother them. It seemed they were busy quite often, as rats began to bring with them disease and sickness. There was no real plague to speak of, but more folks ended up with a cough or a rash than would be normal.

Cochita smiled as Krist entered, but a look of worry crossed her face as she saw him working his shoulder. The young man was always polite, and always trying to help, even if he got in the way at times trying to do it.
"You okay Krist," she asked, offering a warm smile again.
"Just bumped my shoulder on something," Krist said, rolling his eyes.
"Did you now," she asked, relieved to see the man was actually okay.
"An orc’s axe," he admitted, knowing she already suspected. This brought a chuckle from Cochita.
"Let’s have a look then," she offered, helping him remove the ringmail tunic.

That eve Krist reflected on the days events. It would be easy to give up and go back to Britain, but there was a need here. Krist could not abandon the community simply because of one day’s trouble. No, he would train and make himself more useful. He would see supply lines opened. For some reason, Krist needed to help these people, as much as they seemed to need the help.

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