Code Clean Up Effects Your Socket Gems!

To make the shard run better and fix bugs and other reasons I’ve been doing a bunch of code clean up.

This makes it easier for us to read our code, find and fix bugs, and make adjustments in the future.

While all that is well and good, I’ve had to restructure the way socket gems are created in the code. There will be no difference in them from your point of view, except that bugs related to them will be fixed. However the change in the way they are coded will cause any "free floating" socket gems to be deleted!

Free floating means in a normal container, laying on the ground, locked down, in your backpack.

Gems that are already socketed will not be deleted
Gems that are in the socket gem bag will not be deleted

For this reason it’s HIGHLY recommended that you store any and all socket gems inside of a socket gem bag or have them socketed.

The update that will cause this change will not go into effect for a week (on or after Saturday the 12th of march 2016), this will give plenty of time for you to get the socket gem bag (buy it from the black market).

Staff will NOT store them for you, Staff will NOT replace them if they get deleted.
We feel that a weeks time to save your socket gems is plenty of time for any one to be able to get a socket gem bag and store their gems properly for this venture.

Note: the socket gem bag is not a normal container, it is a special container that’s designed to keep item count down on our server, this helps in a few ways, reducing save times, expanding memory and increasing performance of the server, this is why gems inside a socket gem bag will not be deleted, they don’t actually exist as items while contained in these bags.

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