Clerist Adair – Backstory

Somewhere out in the great void, far away from the world Ilaria, was another world very similar to our own. In this world men and woman were not like they were in Ilaria. There were no Elves, they had died off eons ago and had become a fairy tale myth left to be pondered about. The only threat the humans faced, were Orcs who regularly raided the cities and dragged men and woman away for food. There were little crops, barely any animals, people were starving. Worst of all of these things, there was no magic.

In this world there was a cycle of life. Every 20 years a child would be born, a special child, with great power. This child was a Magi and was remarkedas the savior of the world, but it was a sad fate. When this child turns 16 years of age when their power matures, they sacrifice themselves to the great Gods and renew and nourish the lands. Their death meant life for the rest of the world and the people were grateful for them; however, many people with different views wanted to hunt these people and destroy them. The order of the Clerist was created to protect these children, to nurture them, raise them, and stress the importance of their mission. Methalas was the name of the most recent Magi.

As in the world of Ilaria, Adair de Clare was born to a noble family and led a difficult life. By nine years of age both of Adair’s parents had passed away. He spent his adolescence raising his sisters and brother. He cared for them the best he could, working several jobs (usually manual labor), late nights and early mornings taught Adair strength of character and responsibility. Something that would lead him well into early adulthood. He didn’t have time for much of a formal education before he was an adult but he was very intelligent. When he turned 19 he enrolled in the Moonglow Academy of the Sciences where he met Delia Blacke, the woman of his dreams. She was kind and funny, they both shared the same off color sense of humor something he appreciated. They were quite close and at times overwhelmingly passionate. At 21 they were engaged.

Methalas was like many of the other Magi of this world, kind, compassionate, happy. He was a joy to be around and the Clerists took good care of him but he was also very timid and often scared. He led a sheltered life, guarded by the Clerists till he grew to become a young man. By the time he was a teenager he had become spoiled and felt entitled because he knew the people needed him. As time passed this grew, the Clerists ignored the warning signs and continued to pander to the boys whims until the day of his sacrifice had come. In a giant chamber built for the ceremony they celebrated his life and his blessings. People from all over gathered around to watch, support, and rejoice; however, this didn’t happen. Methalas laid his head upon the marble alter, and as the head Clerist raised the axe something changed within Methalas. His mentality changed, he let fear into his heart and turned on the executioner. He became the first to die at the hands of Methalas, Methalas then turned on those gathered and started slaughtering them. He was soon lost, drunk with his own power.

The ceremony took place in Moonglow, Adair and Delia were there. When Methalas started attacking they ran, Adair hid Delia in his office and grabbed a stick and left to go find his brothers and sisters. He battled his way through crazed citizens scared for their lives only to find the bodies of his family their corpses still smoldering from being burned. Adair was crushed, he fell to his knees before he heard the screams coming from behind him. His heart sank, "Del’s!" He ran as fast as feet could carry him and in turn found her dead as well. With nothing left he turned to the order of the Clerist.

A great war took place between the Clerists and Methalas. In the end there wasn’t much left of the world humanity and the Orcs were nearly destroyed. The lands were destroyed. It came down to a set of physical blows. Methalas attacked his friend and mentor Clerist Andal. They exchanged blows and in the end they struck each other. Methalas looked to his chest as Andal’s weapon plunged deep into his heart before he could recover Clerist Adair raised his weapon and swiftly separated Methalas’s head from his body. Adair stood in horror as they both fell to the ground. The war was over. Adair peered over the war torn landscape a broken man. He walked over to a lake and peered into it and contemplated drowning himself. The ground started to shake and the world began to break apart. He knew it was the end. He thought back about his family, about Del’s and closed his eyes. He was ready for it to end.

"Clerist" a muddled voice pierce his consciousness. "CLERIST!" the voice becoming clearer. It sounded like her, he was happy to hear her voice in the end, that’s when she touched him. Confused he turned around only to find Del’s before him asking him if he was "The Clerist" and begging him to come with her. An instant feeling of uncertainty and betrayal as he laid eyes on her.

"Get away foul DEMON! Methalas why doth thou tempt me so! I watched you die!" She fell to the ground, and began to cry. "Del’s" he hesitated it for a second. It wasn’t long after Demons noticed them.

"It’s time to go Del’s" He picked her up and placed her over his shoulder and ran as fast as he could, passing a single robed figure while running, before he knew it he was somewhere else, not his world but somewhere new, they arrived in Ilaria.

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