Claws and life

The Kin Slipped from the bed, pulled on a robe, and glided silently to the door leading to the small balcony and opened it just enough to slip through. The Pale form moved to the stonework edge and laid long fingered hands that now sported a slight claw like curve to the nails on the stone, the moon played over the pale skin with hints of scaling, the loose back length moonbeam hair, small curved horns just peaking from behind the bangs and the bone and filament stunted wings that peeked though the hair. Reptile slit pale ice blue eyes gazed up at the moon a long moment before closing, body stilling, ice started to form under the hands, as the ‘soul’ went deeper.

Ash it would always smell of ashes no matter how many hundred of years passed, this corridor of memory’s, once burnt down and then slowly rebuilt regained, the ground still covered in the ashes of the old. At the ‘front’ a large full length mirror, bracketed by two doors one elegant framed and beautiful wooded door, the other a twisted melted frame with no door. From the elegant door a man stepped forth, tall lean pure elven with those pale blue eyes, dressed in black and greys, the pale hair pulled back into a braid. From the twisted door a True Kin stepped, scaled body a long graceful tail, beautiful full wings slit pale eyes.
Both eyed the other before stepping to the mirror the Male gave a bitter-sweet grin as if he knew something that the Female did not.

“It’s over dear Tristana this game we have played for near two hundred years, it is time for you to disappear.”

The White Dragon Kin just snarled as she faded away the door behind her fading as well, yet so to did the door behind the male fade slightly, as from the Mirror stepped the stunted winged kin.

“So this is how it ends? Do I fade as well as that Evil creature that was born when this place burned down?”

“No Tyr you are I as much as I am you. Is this not what you sought more then all? To absorb that side to clean that Darkness and Evil and just leave you alive?”

“Ahh Tris somewhat true. Yet little did I realize by doing so You would be born a self completely and yet not me, perhaps it was him… yes him.. I will always be here when you need me Dear.”

The Corridor faded away as the Soul that had never truly been one returned back to the body, breaking free of the Ice it’s White Dragon blood had formed unknowingly. The kin stumbled back and sat heavily down on the bench that was there, hands to face as she silently wept, grieving for the passing of a ‘self’ that though evil it had been her as much as not her. Tears that fell as ice from a body that had not allowed itself to grieve in all the years it had lived, for a lost mentor that had been as a Father to the lives she had once destroyed in pursuit of dark knowledge.

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