He had lain there with her in his arms.. Drawing slow breath.. knowing she was still awake.. pretending at being human with her ever unnecessary breath.. And so he had stayed.. Holding her. Letting this.. Illusion be what it would be. For a time it had seemed.. Almost real.. So close to something more. He could feel whatever part of him was the kid who couldn’t remember.. And the kid was briefly.. Fleetingly… Happy.

In the end though.. she had stilled.. the illusion shattered.

He sat at the end of the bed, his eyes peering about the darkness of the small room, long after she had stilled. She lay there still as death.. No breath.. No heartbeat.. At the end.. -this- was the truth of her.

He had risen then.. crossed the room, and taken the blade pausing for only the briefest moment to watch her before he slipped through the door. He locked it behind him his foot falls soft in the dirt.. the stars shining overhead as he traced familiar route to the arena..

The city was deserted.. All had fallen to their beds.. This was his time. The time he usually left whomever’s arms he had found himself in.. and wandered.. Still lost even after so many times running through the maze. He crossed the dirt of the place, the walls around so familiar.. Soft comfort against the turmoil. He had thought it might be the happy ending.. That somehow maybe this time around things might be different.. But it wasn’t. Not really.

Whatever he felt for her.. The Drow had been right. Eventually he would misstep.. And then he would be gone. His only hope was that it would be with sword in hand, protecting the others.. Completing whatever purpose they had been set to. She would have thought that madness, but in truth it was the only thing that kept him at peace. Knowing that he had been risen for a reason.. For some purpose.

He raised his blade, moving in silence through the forms.. Wishing only for the next time he might have a chance to put them to use.. For that moment of certainty that came from battle. What future could they possibly offer one another? Her Dead, Him waiting to Die.

Wasn’t that just the way it had to be? Even now that fucker mocked him.. ‘Sure Warrior, have a little happiness, but Hey, Fuck you.. Just kidding.’

And him, too fucking stupid to toss her out.. To tell her to just get the fuck away from him. No, he had to try it had to entertain this fucking childish delusion that there was something more for them. More for him. God even this Kids go around should have shown him.. Even without his memories, even without everything he’d been.. He was still fucked. They were all a gods be damned powder keg. They would explode, burning everything around them.. It wasn’t a matter of -If- it was a matter of -When-.

What life was there beyond the moment.. Beyond the second before cataclysm?



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