By Night

He moved in silence through a set of sword forms with the thin blade.. He couldn’t for the life of him recall when he had learned them.. but they came back easily enough and they seemed to calm his mind to set to task again even absent recollection..

It was cool today, quiet and peaceful.. He enjoyed this city especially by night, it reminded him of… Somewhere. This half memories thing was becoming a true annoyance.. In the end I guess it really made no difference but it was still irritating to have this vague sense of familiarity with everything, and yet nothing.

The cool night air was stirred a soft breeze swept in from the north.. A shiver swept him as at once he wondered why he preferred to move through these forms absent his clothing.. The fortunate thing was the late hour.. the arena lay entirely deserted, lest the townsfolks bring complaints to Marius again..

He took stance once more moving slowly each position deliberate and clean in it’s execution, certain of the perfection of his movements by the calm centered feeling that swept through him.. He came to conclusion holding the final position for a long minute drawing slow and steady breaths as he slowed his heart..

His mind turned back to the woman.. Oh there had been ‘women’.. but only one ‘woman’ this go’round.. He could recall how he had felt before awakening and the significance she had held.. And now..?

He shook his head trying to clear the thoughts from his head. This kid’s memories had a way creeping in sometimes.. in unexpected ways. He wasn’t really sure where he ended and each of his previous trips around began.. But he knew the kids feelings were still strong for the girl.. He’d much prefer the simplicity of his usual sort of relations.. Complicating things by making them more then they were seemed needlessly foolish. Hell he might meet someone’s granddaughter next time around..

The cold breeze drew him back to the moment his heart beat slow in his chest now as he walked sheathing the thin blade, and drawing up the bundle of clothes.. He would chance the walk home as he was.. It was late after all.. Warm by the standards of this area.. Even if the night was cool.


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