Blood Moon

The northern tribes numbered only and handful of members now. The tribes have waged war against the humans for many years. They fought to keep the northern lands free from the grip of the humans and their ways. It had bin two months since the last great warlord of the tribes fell in battle. He fell fighting at the sacred temple of the moon goddess. The human armies stoped long enough to destroy the once beloved temple to rubble.

Following that defeat the humans made their way deeper into the northern land. As they did they put all the villages and people to the flames with their magics and all who lived felt the sharpness of the blades. The humans started to use dogs to track any who have ran.
The few who had survived the attacks tried to go deeper into the northern lands. For the survivors had but one hope left to them and that was to make there way to the sacred groves. The groves were where the last Oracle of the moon lived.
With each day the survivors would wake early and start to run before the hunting parties. On the fourth day the five survivors awoke to sounds of the hunting parties gaining. All quickly made ready to run again. As they readied them selves to run. Two of the five sat on the ground and whispers lowly to each other. Then the elderly man stands up weakly, he turned to the other three and told them that he and his mate could not run any longer. The elderly couple gray with age told the others that when the human came this way that they would try to slow them some.

The other three turned around to face the elder couple and nodded to them. After, one by one the three hugged the elders warmly then left the campsite. The three ran for two hours then stoped at the sound of battle behind them. At the sound of the old couples death howls the three started to run with all the strength they had left to them. The survivors ran into the night trying to put more distance between them and the hunting parties. All three ran long into the night and then finally they started to fall to the ground from exhaustion. As they layed on the cold damp ground one by one they turned over on their backs and stared up at the moon.

The three layed there to rest some. The wind shifted and carried the scent of sweet flowers from the groves. They sat up and looked at each others faces and started to stand and slowly walk to where the smell was coming from. They came apon a clearing with six great stones reaching to the sky. In the middle of the stones they seen the Oracle kneeling. Looking up she waved them closer to her. The survivors walked into the circle of stones and bowed to the Oracle.

The Oracle sat still at she looked them over. Then she sighed deeply and ask," Is this all that is left of the northern tribes? Just a old warrior followed by a younger warrior and a child." They watched as her eyes filled with sadness. The old warrior nodded to the Oracle. She motioned for them to sit before her. As they did she spoke of her plan to try and save the survivors. She looked to the moon and told the other that tonight would be the blood moon. She went on to say how she would try to save them by using her magics to open a portal to a new land to live free of these foul humans touch. She looked back down at the three and told them to rest for now.

The three awoke close to dust and seen the Oracle off to their side with her eyes closed. The three talked about the many people that they had lost to make it to the groves. They talked for a few hours until the Oracle opened her eyes and stared at the blood moon rising into place. As she watched the moon she told the three where the portal would open and where to stand.

The Oracle rose to her feet and pointed to the places to stand. She walked to the middle on the great stones and started her chanting calling on the blood moon to aid her magics this night following that she chanted the the goddess to give her the strength she would need for the magics to work. As the Oracles voice started to rise in volume so did the winds around the stones. Her voice boomed over the winds till it was all that could be heard.

The magics started to work, the three stared at the portal as it glowed a golden color then changed to green then to a dark red. The three walked to the glowing portal. The old warrior turned around and watched as four scout clad in black armor made their way against the winds. The old warrior smiled and pushed firmly the other two to the portal. The old warrior turn around to face these scout.

The young child held the hand of the young warrior and watched as the older one riped his armor free of his body and his body started to make the change to that of a Hugh brown wolf. From the ground to his shoulder he stood four foot tall. The wolf walked low to the ground at first then charged the scouts.

The child pulled on the young warriors arm to watch the battle. The warrior just stared at the portal not wanting to turn around. The child looked back it time to see the wolfs’ fangs bite down on the human’s neck. The wolf throw his head back and tore free the mans throat. The child pulled again on the warriors arm as the child looked to the young warriors face he could see tears flowing freely down his face.

Looking back to the wolf the child seen another human down and not moving. The two men with silver spears trying to push the wolf back. The wolf jumped quickly to the sides to dodge the spears. One mans spear was to high seeing this the wolf charged the man low to the ground. The wolf got under the spear tip and clamped down on the mans knee. The child watched as the wolf throw the man from side to side wile still in his jaws.

The wolf turned to late to dodge the last mans spear. As the spear head pierced the wolfs’ side deeply it jumped quickly to the side an snapped the spear head off. The man pulled his blades free and dove at the wolf filled with hate. The wolf was to slow now to dodge the blows. As the scout raised his blades one last blow across the wolfs’ head.

The child seeing this quickly left go of the other warriors’ hand to ran to the wolf and hugging the wolf looked up at the man as his blade raised and paused a moment. Turn to late to grab the child the warrior seen the scouts’ blade about ready to fall against the child. Starting to run torwards the child the warrior looked to the Oracle but she was lost to her magics and her chanting. Turning his head around to keep running he seen the blade fall down across the child again and again.

Falling to the ground at the sight, he filled with sorrow and rage caused his body to start to change into a Hugh wolf with white furr with dark grey streaks in it. His eyes lost their color and turned red. As the wolf stood up on all four legs he turned his glowing red eyes on the scout who was admiring his kills, The wolf cared nothing of life or the fate of the tribes now. The wolf charged the scout and jumped into the air before he opened his jaws. Seeing movement from the corner of his eyes the scout turned it time to see the wolfs’ fangs close around the front of his skull. The wolfs’ jaws closed around the scouts temples as the wolf hit the man to the ground. The wolf slowly closed his jaws till he tore the mans skull in half and was sprayed with the mans life blood. The wolf fiercely tore the mans body apart. The wolf heard more men come up the hill. Turning back to the bodies of his father and his young brothers’ he licked at their still faces tenderly then his sad howls filled the night air. The Oracles at hearing the howl turned and yelled at the wolf to be quick or all was lost.

Seeing the magical portal starting to fade the wolf closed his eyes and ran into the portal. As the wolf opened his eyes he came to see he was in a quite forest with a cool breeze blowing around the trees. Laying down on the cool grass the wolf trys to calm his rage so he could take human form again. As his body’s bones shifted and changed he stood up on two legs again and looked around the area for any danger to him. Seeing no real danger he sat back down and looked to the night sky. His green eyes seen movement from behind the trees. Sitting still he watched the trees for some time.

Then a elven hunter looked around the tree to the man. Steping out from the trees the elf smiled then looked quickly away, for the man sat naked on the grass watching the elf. The warrior watched closely as the elf removed his pack and started looking for something. The elf smiled as he found a dark robe and tossed it to the man. The man sniffed the clothing before putting it on. The elf started to talk as the man dressed," Do you have a name? And what are you doing so deep in these woods alone? Wiping the blood from his body an face the mans’ cold green eyes turned to meet the elf’s’ gaze," My name is Lucian and i was just out hunting prey."

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