Blackest Truths

He watched her depart the chamber leaving to her rest.. his mind a tumult of thoughts.. feelings long since absent raging through him like some great storm at sea.. stirred both by her, and by what he now thought upon. He had considered this but once since he had left so many years ago.

Even then, he had considered the risk too great.. Too dangerous to try.. His brow furrowed at the memory of the one such attempt he had ever seen.. his hand flexed absently at memory of it the emotions of that time sweeping him. At once the sorrow seemed nearly overwhelming and he stopped his motion pausing in the black place between worlds, the halls of the academy dim around him present but obscured by the void.

What if that was to be her fate? Some mad dog, he would have to put down as he had that one so many years past.. That was even assuming much, hadn’t She always said their blood to thin to make it so? Then what? She would die as all others had.. As any he had fed upon.. and he would go mad.. Becoming little more then the things he had been made to fight..

Only so much more.. A Hunter, Turned, then set to madness? Nothing would ever stop him.. He would make Cyric appear little more then a pleasant breeze.. Compared with the tempest he would bring on the world.. Why had they pushed him to this? Why had they forged him only to turn him? A Safeguard? They had made him a perfect weapon.. and then let the weapon free..

Now he stood before the precipice staring at what may be his only chance at staving off this madness.. torn between the two choices.. Attempt.. solve madness for ever, at risk of all. Do not, watch life fleeting over slow time.. salvation for now, only to descend back into the blackness a little each day as she neared death’s embrace..

No. He must set to the decision.. make it and be done with it.. Risk all, or take safer albeit fleeting path..

But he would not choose this for her.. He owed her the truth of it.. the decision he was not presented.. with as much as she could understand of it.. as much as she could garner..

Then he would consider her words.. put weight to his fears.. and set foot to path..

Walking into the Darkness once more..

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