Bindings and Shapes, A Past Unknown

Let me Tell you a Tale of a past Unknown to A Child of darkness and life. Once over about 201 years or less ago a young Druid female was a victim of a raid on her camp by the Spider’s sons, she lived though she had not meant to but mentally broken and physically harmed a year later she gave birth to a girl of grey skin and eyes of blue-red.
Though such a child was doomed to a life of hatred she planned to keep and raise this child in the Light of goodness, But sometimes choices are taken and forced. Word came one day that a single Spider Son had been seen in the forest seeking something it seemed. Fear that something was her daughter the young Druid begged her fellows to save her daughter and thus a Spell was prepared a rare used ritual and one never tried on a newly born.
The circle ready the child was set in the middle and the spell created, runes of power etched along the babies body her name set on her one shoulder, the runes gave Memory and Knowledge, shape shifting to a baby not ready for living alone and stored all the knowings of her mother and the others deep in her tiny brain to be remembered when it was time.

When the spell was done all were exhausted but a baby grey wolf with eyes of blue-red lay wining for mommy in that circle.Quickly they hide her in among a wolf packs pups and leave her. now we are sure her mother had planned to return to gain her back but never did she, so she grew up a wild thing, always moving when old enough in wolf years changing in the night as the magic picked the est form for her to be in. Thus the one known as Blue eyes came to be, A creature of the wilds of nature not of man.

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