Before the leave.

Engale stat on a log, his height and face showed him to be young as he leaned over staring into the pond in front of him. He was only 7 so the looks he had he wasn’t contemplating on. He watched the water waiting as if he knew something fantastic would be happening, and he did, he wasn’t sure how he knew but he did know that he would find out something worth wild this day.

So he sat and waited, for hours. The day turned into night, his parents called his name, he didn’t answer. He sat and stared at the water, he moved a hand to the berry bush every now and then to grab something to eat, or would sip the water when thirsty but mostly he just watched. The moonlight hit the water and his father found him.

"Engale we’ve been calling you for hours, it’s time to go home." he scolded.

"Not yet, I’m su…" Engale stopped suddenly as he turned back to the water feeling it now watching him. "Soon father, I will be home soon."

His father shook his head but there was something about this day that was in Engale’s favor and his father sat down on the lawn as Engale returned to quietly watching the water.

Now as Engale’s Father watched on, Engale was almost excited as he watched the water.

Soon the water jumped up, the water formed three streams, two of of them went up Engale’s nose, the other filled into Engale’s mouth. As quickly as he could Engale’s father was on his feet and rushing towards his son, to protect him, but before daddy was able to get close enough, he was flat on his back, under a pillar of water.

Engale watched the water still, didn’t move and held his mouth open to the water, letting it fill him.

His father watch pinned under the pillar of water and screamed for his son’s life. "He’s just a boy, take me instead!"

At that the water quickly responded and it all returned to the pond.

Engale’s father quickly picked up his son and carried him home. Engale cried the whole way home, "put me down I must go back!" The cries fell on deaf ears.

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