Beetle Bonding

Korr stared at the creature. He was happy for it, seeing as how it was a gift, and how useful it was. But blood and ashes if it didn’t send a shiver up his spine at times.

The creature was enormous for one. Its giant carapace shone in the light of the lanterns. Its mandibles clicked audibly as it wiggled about waiting for its next task. It seemed to take to him well enough. It loved melting down ore, and devouring the magic animating the elementals that came from the earth’s anger when disturbed with a pickaxe.

He just didn’t know what to make of it. The creature seemed content, but was that enough? He didn’t want to find out the hard way in the deeps of the caves that it wasn’t.

That settled it for him. Nothing else bonds one dwarf to the other like ale… and since that was out of the question considering its flammability, the next best was hunting. He took the creatures lead from the stable master and set out. They would hunt.. and the creature would feast. Then maybe he’d be more comfortable with it.

They walked through the streets, one leading the other, heading out into the wilds. Korr knew only the basics when it came to battle. It seemed they would learn together.

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