Autumn Writing Contest submission – Uroboro Avogadro

Ardita Sante was on her way to the fabled and rumored market in Narrowhaven and as always in search of shiny things for her twisted collections. Shiny armors, shiny talismans, shiny gold, shiny this, shiny that. Suddenly, while waiting for her horse to finish his well earned refreshment from the fountain, a beggar with not so shiny teeth appeared in front of her.

As Ardita looked carefully, he had no teeth at all.

"I beg you not for food, as even inert food has bested me. But please, please, could you spare me some coin?"

The leaves were flying all over the place calmly, driven graciously by the wind, not predicting what would happen next.


Ardita punched the beggar and said: "I follow no more the virtue of compassion! For it brought me only pain. Find a job. You see that gardener? he looks old. Help him and I am sure you will be able to get food you can eat somehow."

As the beggar spitted blood on Ardita’s beautiful blonde hair, she saw herself in another time and space.


"Am I… still alive?"

A flatulent smell of boiling blood reached his brain receptors while nervously searching with his right hand for the otherworldly object. The same one he felt not supplying him the spectral energy he needed to SEE… clearer.

"Where is it?! Where is it!" he yelled in the night. Only the sound of masses of blood moving in the bushes gave him the danger awareness he needed to escape from his disarray.

"At last!"
As he retook possess of his spectral rod, He stood to find himself in front of a strange construct..


"Why am I here…How was I brought in this foul place!" he thought while trying desperately to recall his most recent memory. But still the staff would only send to his rotten brain only images of the fight with the spirit of Mondain…. an energy flux eruption and, lastly, the daemons ravaging Serpent’s Hold.

P.S. If you want to get some bg on my characters you can check on the forum or check this post which is a nice recap at a point in the shard’s history.

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